Wobbly Bubbles

Wobbly Bubbles Live Wallpaper
Wobbly Bubbles 7

Colorful 3D interactive bubbles created using amazing fluid effects resulting in a show of color and beauty.
Blow into the screen and watch as they will magically start wobbling!

These blobby objects are also generally known as metaballs. Image is real-time rendered making full use of OpenGL ES 2.0 features resulting in high quality graphics.
Bring your screen to life by using Wobbly Bubbles as a Live Wallpaper. Tap and swipe the screen making them wobble and dance forming abstract shapes.

Wobbly Bubbles takes full advantage of modern devices hardware for 3D rendering and is targeted at high end devices. Try it by installing Wobbly Bubbles Free.

– Ability to change number and size of bubbles
– Customizable background image and bubble colors
– Customizable lighting properties (ambient, diffuse and specular component intensity)
– Configurable transparency and reflection factors
– Configurable level of detail
– Image post processing effects
– Frame rate counter for performance measurement and benchmarking
– Frame rate limiter in live wallpaper mode for battery saving
– Bubbles wobble when blowing at them

To use as live wallpaper: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

NOTE: The record audio permission is used to measure the sound level while running the app as a stand-alone activity. Yes, the bubbles react to sound!
While running as a Live Wallpaper this feature won’t be used as it would consume your precious battery juice.
So, no record audio permission used while using it as a Live Wallpaper.

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