Wobbly Bubbles Free

Wobbly Bubbles Free 7

Colorful 3D interactive bubbles created using amazing fluid effects resulting in a show of color and beauty. Blow into the screen and watch as they will magically start wobbling! Wobbly Bubbles can also be used as a Live Wallpaper. Tap and swipe the screen making them wobble and dance. Don’t be afraid to pop them as these are no ordinary soapy water bubbles, they resemble something more like colored gummy jelly. These blobby objects are also generally known as metaballs. Balls rendered making full use of OpenGL features creating abstract shapes. Use them as an Interactive 3D Live Wallpaper and bring your screen to life. Grab them while they wobble!

NOTE: The record audio permission is used to measure the sound level while running the app as a stand-alone activity. Yes, the bubbles react to sound 🙂 While running as a Live Wallpaper this feature won’t be used as it would consume your precious battery juice. So, no record audio permission used while using it as a Live Wallpaper.

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