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5 Wild Animals Live Wallpaper – Free

Wild and exotic animals into your smartphones may sound like a dream come true. It actually is true right now all thanks to the variety of live wallpapers out there. With these wild animals’ live wallpapers in your phone complete with lions, wolves, and other wild animals, you can impress your friends. The boring screens of the past are long gone.

The wallpapers are chosen exclusively with battery in mind. What good is a live wallpaper if it depletes battery at a faster rate. These apps go easy on them while spicing up your phone experience.

Immersive animal live wallpaper3D Deer-Nature Live Wallpaper
Fierce tiger live wallpaperTiger video live wallpaper
Animal safari experienceSafari live wallpaper

Top 5 live wallpapers of wild animals

1. 3D Deer-Nature Live Wallpaper

With the pandemic in full swing, going on an animal safari is a distant fantasy for the foreseeable future. What if there is an app out there that will bring it to your phones. This wild animal live wallpaper has the whole experience of entering the deer’s habitat and exploring it.

Deer-Nature live wallpaper
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2. 3D Rainforest Live Wallpaper

If you are not someone who is into deer, we got you covered. These wild animals’ live wallpaper has it all. Giving the users a peek into the tropical wildlife, provides a relaxing experience. The entire thing starts with beautiful parrots taking off while elephants are grazing about. There are other animals too as this wild animal wallpaper is brimming with details everywhere.

Rainforest Live wallpaper
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3. Safari Live Wallpaper

This live wallpaper about wild animals takes it up a notch. If people are picky about choosing their wallpaper, this is the one for them. This wallpaper captures the full African wildlife which is complete with sunrise just to add flavor to the already spicy wallpaper.

Safari live wallpaper
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4. 4K Wallpapers-3D Parallax, Live & HD Background

This app is the perfect example of one-fits-all. There is something for almost everyone in this app with the vast array of options here. Instead of just animating a screen with animals running around, this wild animal live wallpaper app takes full advantage of your phone gyroscope and accelerometer to give an immense experience. The wild animals here feel like they will jump out any moment.

Parallax live 4k wallpaper
5 Wild Animals Live Wallpaper - Free 12
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5. Tiger Video Live Wallpaper

For the folks who just want to keep it simple, you got just the thing for it. This wild animal wallpaper as the name suggests has the tiger as the center focus. But instead of a tiger running amok and wreaking havoc, this wallpaper app has short clips of tigers roaring which is clever and neat.

Tiger video live wallpaper
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Ending thoughts

These collections of wild animals live wallpaper have the potential to make any phone home screen look interesting and wild, pun intended. There is always a satisfying feeling that can be extracted from seeing wild animals roaming around while we are stuck at home (Thanks COVID).

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