White Shark Underwater World

White Shark Underwater World L LiveWallpapers
White Shark Underwater World 7

Realistic hd live wallpaper, if you like White Sharks here’s the one you’ve been waiting, realistic White Sharks swimming in the marvelous underwater world, it have options like,
– Choose camera filter (Sepia tone, or gray scale)
– Slide between home screens, you can choose between 3 or 5.
– Animated camera (the camera move through the scene)
– Enable or disable particles

(Pro version)
– Accelerometer option to move camera.
– Use device time to set day or night.
– Set manually dawn, day or night.
– Light color at night.
– Fast time to see the change between day and night.
– Show time, date and battery level on scene.

Inspired by the great creatures that live underwater called Whites Sharks, one of the biggest predators that live in the seas of the world.
Download this live wallpaper, it’s one of the best live wallpapers I assure
To use the live wallpaper select it from:
Home -> Menu key -> Set wallpaper -> Live wallpapers

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