Watch your favourite picture website or webcam as home screen background instead of a static picture.

Try the quick selection in the settings!
Now also with WIFI-only-Mode.

As an avid windsurfer I like to watch my home beach even on workdays and see what’s going on. Maybe I have to take a vacation if the conditions are great. This live background enables me to always keep an eye on the spot.

Of course you can also put the refreshing weather/rain radar image, other sports webcams like snowboarding/skiing or even stock market informations on your home screen. Nearly every website is possible. Many examples are included.

How to activate:
1. long touch home screen background or press MENU -> Wallpapers
2. Live Wallpapers
3. select WebLiveWallpaper
4. set as background

To select your favourite website your have to enter the web address in settings or follow these four easier steps:
1. open Webbrowser
2. find nice web content (google?)
[3. long touch on image -> View image]
4. long touch on URL above -> Share -> WebLiveWallpaper

Step 3. is optional now! All websites can be set as target! The wallpaper tries to find the best image found there!

You can also specify the refresh time. Please note that refreshing often may consume more battery power! Normally this wallpaper should be quite cpu friendly as it is only updated every x seconds and only when visible unlike other wallpapers with smooth animation.

There are lots of settings – the quick selection entries set these as an example from which you can learn for your own target website settings.

You can now also launch as an App and use it just to watch your webcam or gallery. Also lower Android version devices without LIVE wallpaper support can set a static wallpaper there.

You can create your own show containing webcams/pictures/pages which then cycle around all day.
Every site can be excluded with activity times to avoid watching night webcams.

Advanced users edit the included example and their own sites in the xml files on sdcard.

Planned future features:
– background color selection
– flash webcams are unfortunately not directly supported at the moment – this will take some more time!

Latest update:
+ create your own show!

Older repairs/features:
+ My Sites as editable xml file on SDcard
+ “refresh only once per day” option
+ very basic widget added
+ pictureframe mode for app
+ save your own sites and quickselect later
+ storage on sdcard
+ basic MJPGsupport (no video)
+ complete website view
+ standard password protected server access supported

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