Wave Live Wallpaper
Wave 7

Wave is one of the best live wallpapers for Android. With the latest free update to version 3 the bar has again been raised. This is the third big update since the release in 05/2012.

We’re celebrating the release: Wave will be on SALE this memorial day weekend!The core features are:

• smooth animations
• all parameters can be set separately → endless possibilities
• you can save your own presets and share them with other people
• beautiful factory presets enable you to quickly change the looks of Wave
• simple import of presets with QR-codes or hyperlinks
• low battery usage
• online repository and Google+ community for more user presets.
Online reviews
Wave – a sweet Live Wallpaper app for Android (4.8 / 5 Stars) | AndroidTapp.com
A very nice live wallpaper.. Highly customizable, soothing, easy on the battery,.. Nice and unique addition to your phone’ | playboard.me
crazy beautiful and probably makes your phone 6 times cooler’ | androidstatic.comUser reviews
“Galaxy S2. The best live wallpaper. PERIOD !”| Joe
“Outstanding and stylish. Highly recommended.”| Neil
“Just the ticket. I was looking for a ps3 ‘like’ live wallpaper, I tried a few and none of them touch this one, great app.” 
“10 Stars. Stunningly great LWP. No other wallpaper stayed on for so long on my GS2!! If you are creative you can create hundreds of designs of waves.”|Siva
“Magnifique. Très beau fond d ‘ écran style Xperia , paramétrable à souhait et de haute qualité”

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