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You’d like to have best sea life live wallpaper inspired by most beautiful pictures of ocean creatures including starfish, seashells and more? Search no more – ‘Under the Sea Live Wallpaper’ will provide you with stunning images of sea stars and shells in various shapes and colors. Download this great marine live wallpaper and beautify you phone screen in no time!
Perfect live wallpaper for Android!
Interactive background-Tap anywhere on the screen and new starfish and seashells will appear!
Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!

When we talk about “sea life”, the first thing that is likely to come to our mind is various species of fish which inhabit oceans, such as shellfish, octopus, starfish. The coral reef in a deep blue water is a platform for species which come in different shapes and abilities. Some of them resemble eels. There are more than 31,500 fish species in various oceans of the world. Some of the well-known include sardines, piranhas, sharks. Goldfish are some of the most beautiful marine life creatures. Starfish and shells, for example, have been the inspiration for the amazing ‘Under the Sea Live Wallpaper’ – use the chance to download it right now for free.

Marine biology is the study of life in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands. All plant and animal life forms are included from the microscopic picoplankton all the way to the majestic blue whale, the largest creature in the sea—and for that matter in the world.

The word starfish refers to about 1,800 species of marine animals that are star-shaped. Sea stars come in all sizes, shapes and colors. Their most noticeable characteristic is their arms, which form their distinctive star shape. Many sea star species have 5 arms, and these species most resemble a traditional star shape. Starfish don’t move about by bending their legs and walking like land animals do. Enjoy watching them floating all over your screen in different colors by getting Under the Sea “Live Wallpaper” free from the market.

Seashells are the external skeletons of a class of marine animals called Mollusks. Where people have our skeletons on the inside of our bodies, mollusks have their skeletons on the outside of theirs. This way they help protect the creatures from predators, strong currents and storms, help camouflage the animal, and do many other things. Seashells are primarily made of calcium, a hard mineral, just as our own bones are. Gorgeous pictures and backgrounds of starfish and seashells can now be part of your phone screen – just get ‘Under the Sea Live Wallpaper’. Tap anywhere on the screen and new starfish and shells will appear.

If you love to make your own crafts, seashells are great to use for projects. They can be purchased inexpensively, or can be found in coastal areas. They are beautiful, durable, come in a variety of looks and can be used for simple crafts or to create challenging show pieces. Beautiful seashells in various forms and colors are now available for your phone background in ‘Under the Sea Live Wallpaper’.
Get Starfish Live Wallpaper and Ocean Fish Live Wallpaper and you’ll enjoy most beautiful animated backgrounds for your phone – almost like a fish aquarium!

Whales and dolphins, among other are marine creatures and mammals. These animals have lungs, are warm-blooded, give birth to live babies but they live in salt water instead of on dry land like most mammals. Sharks look a lot like marine mammals, but they are not and they do not have bones. Cuttlefish are unique creatures that have the amazing ability to instantly change the colors and patterns of their skin to blend in with their surroundings.

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