True Water Free

True Water Free
True Water Free 7

★★★ NO ADS !! ★★★
Enjoy this revolutionary Live Wallpaper! Photo realistic water and cute fish swimming around the screen bring the new life into your device!

All is INTERACTIVE and real-time rendered (NOT A MOVIE)!

Immerse yourself into a real interaction with the incredibly realistic water settled by a school of smart fish!

Get amazingly impressed every time you touch your phone or tablet!

Screen-shots present the full version!

If you LIKE this app, please support my work by getting the FULL VERSION with additional features!



✔ True interaction thanks to Artificial Intelligence (ALL is fully interactive, there is NO any predefined animations or movies!).
✔ Photo realistic water surface.
✔ High Definition graphics.
✔ Interactive fish, swim in schools around the screen, you can play with them!
✔ Many scenes (themes) available: ocean, pound, river, beach, abstraction and more! [IN FULL VERSION]
✔ Powerful customization settings, make entire effect your own, adjust background, water, environment and fish settings (possibilities are limited only by your imagination!). [IN FULL VERSION]


True Water uses battery ONLY when visible. If screen turns off, if you open any menu or application – True Water stops any activity immediately, just disables itself.

But remember! While you are playing with fish, time goes very quickly! True Water is highly optimized, but still consumes power just like any other apps. Therefore, in the first days, when you will be excited by this app and you will be often playing with it – battery can lasts shorter.

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