Tree of Life

Wake up to a beautiful sunrise, fall asleep with magical northern lights.

The most beautiful Live Wallpaper for Android!

* Blooming graphics
* The sun moves throughout the day, resulting in a beautiful sunrise and a stunning sunset
* Alive, with fireflies and butterflies, following your taps
* Fluffy clouds form an easy-to-read clock in the sky
* At night the magical northern light flows across the screen
* Tweak the colors and customize the wallpaper

To install this Live Wallpaper select Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live wallpaper


Please note that this application uses the Android Market Licensing service to ensure that copies of this software are legal. If you do not have internet connection the first time running this application, you may see an Android Market icon in the background. If you do, then just lock your screen and validation will be retried.

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