Transparent Screen Launcher

Transparent Screen Launcher
Transparent Screen Launcher 7

Transparent Mobile(Transparent Launcher,Transparent Paint,Guitar,Windows 8,game)
Transparent Screen Launcher make your mobile transparent Transparent Screen Launcher allow you to make the screen transparent using camera!By using this app we can safely browse apps on mobile while walking on roads and avoid accident on roads.
Features:Transparent Screen Launcher is application stack.
1) Landscape App Launcher.
2) Port-rate App Launcher.
3) Mini Live View.
4) Transparent Windows 8 launcher.
5) Fun Santa Camera.
6) Transparent Paint.
6) Transparent Guitar.
7) Transparent Sliding Game(Car, Ball, Motorcycle..etc)
8) Live wallpaper.
9) Transparent Talking Ganesha with elephant.
10) Transparent Sudoku Game.
Min Transparent view included in version 2.Mini View Display Camera Preview on phone it will appear in all screens & all applications.It will appear up to 15 Mins.
Transparent Guitar:Play guitar Music on Transparent window.
Transparent Sudoku Game.Play Sudoku game on transparent window.
Transparent Windows 8 launcher:Window 8 icon type screen launcher with transparent screen background.its looking good on your device.
Transparent Paint :Paint Transparent Wall & And easy to learn fast way to draw paint.We ca easily paint by using this which thing you want draw just open book or image or news paper then select transparent paint now u can draw path on camera view.
1) Transparent Talking Ganesha with elephant.Record your sounds and play with Ganesha tone while eating fruits at Transparent windows.

Sliding Game:It’s fun option to play Car, Ball, Motorcycle..etc on transparent sliding wall.
Fun Santa Camera.It’s Magic Camera Using this we can capture image and replace Santa Claus face with yours and also merry Christmas Micky Mouse face.
Note:After selecting Mini View Transparent launcher will not work up to 15 min,If you want open launcher please restart device and open it will work.
It’s basic version(beta) of Transparent theme/screen for android mobile.we are coming with new version soon.
Please find seven wonderful live wallpapers Select or chose Galaxy Note 2 beautiful feathers, Galaxy S3 Dandelion iPhone 4s, iPhone 5,Windows 8, Mac Book and water Bubble back ground Live Wall papers included for Transparent Launcher.These 7 walls are most popular & trending wallpapers.
Wallpaper Settings: Please find at application option menu.
Have a safe walk on road by using this.

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