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Top 10 Live Wallpapers – HD

With the Playstore filled with a plethora of live wallpapers in its arsenal, only a few stand out as truly usable and of high quality. These collections of HD live wallpapers will surely add class and flair to your home screen all the while not hitting the battery too hard.

HD live wallpapers mentioned here are some of the best out there. This blog covers top 10 of them which can amp up the wallpaper experience on anyone’s phone with their offerings.

HD wallpaper 4D4D Parallax Wallpaper – 3D HD Live Wallpapers 4k
Space HD live wallpaperGRUBL LIVE Wallpapers 4K & Ringtones
Flower live wallpaper HDRed rose live wallpaper

1. Live Wallpapers – HD & 4k Live backgrounds

This wallpaper follows the art of “don’t overdo it”. The collection of HD live wallpapers in this app has no bounds. The friendly interface of this app makes it seamless to navigate between different categories and pick the right HD live wallpaper for your phone.

Live 4k HD wallpaper

There is also an option to go premium which grants access to a whole new world of HD live wallpapers.

2. Live Wallpapers 4k & HD Backgrounds by WAVE

There is only one thing better than 3D live wallpapers; it’s 4k live wallpaper! This HD live wallpaper apps has a vast collection of options that are creative instead of being repetitive. The wallpapers offered here take the live wallpaper game to the next level with it’s integration with the phone’s gyroscope without impacting the battery. The immersion here is top notch.

Live HD 4k wallpaper
playstore 1

3. Anime Live Wallpapers HD/4k + Automatic Changer

For the huge army of anime lovers out there, this is the motherlode. What better way to say “I binge on anime series” better than having your favorite character animated on your phone. This HD live wallpaper app brings your heroes into your home screen. The cherry on top here is the app’s ability to change wallpapers automatically on a daily basis.

Anime HD live wallpaper 4k
playstore 2

4. Live Wallpapers HD & Backgrounds 4k/3D – WALLOOP

This is another app which falls under “one app fits all” category. The HD live wallpapers here are categorized into different genres which makes sorting a breeze. Just click on the wallpaper of your preference and take your phone wallpaper experience to the next level with the amazing animations they boast.

WALLOOP HD Live wallpaper
playstore 3

5. GRUBL LIVE Wallpapers 4K & Ringtones

GRUBL is the place where you can visit with expectations and leave with satisfaction. Unlike many apps which are crawling with ads, this keep them to a bare minimum. The HD live wallpapers found here are some of the best looking with their ability to make use of the phone’s gyroscope and creating immersion.

GRUBL Live Wallpaper 4k
playstore 4

6. 3D Electric Live Wallpaper

Ever had the fantasy of playing with electricity without the assurance of getting electrocuted? Thanks to this HD live wallpaper app, this is something we can actually do now. Check the cool way developers implemented how interactive the electric waves look while we touch the screen.

3D Electric Live Wallpaper
playstore 5

7. 4D Parallax Wallpaper – 3D HD Live Wallpapers 4k

Don’t let the title throw you off by making you think this is just another app which uses gyroscope to create immersion. This HD live wallpaper app takes it to the next level. The users have the freedom to choose their own image and make it 4D. This alone makes this stand out from the crowd. Make your home screen stunning with your custom picture in 4D.

4D Parallax HD live wallpaper
playstore 6

8. Live Wallpapers – 4K Wallpapers

Live wallpapers are not always meant to be things jumping around on the screen. There is always something satisfying and mesmerizing about a static image which is live. This HD wallpaper app is one of them which has a fantastic collection of static live wallpapers.

Live wallpaper 4k
playstore 7

9. Red rose live wallpaper

People who are fond of flowers will find this wallpaper interesting. Once downloaded it is never leaving their phone home screen in a while. The highlights of this wallpaper are its simple-to-use interface and the levels of customization it offers the users. With enough creativity, one can make this HD live wallpaper their own.

Red rose live wallpaper
playstore 8

10. 3D Mushroom Live Wallpaper New

This HD live wallpaper of a mushroom breathes fresh air into the home screen of your phone. This wallpaper app is not picky with it’s users with its availability to run on almost every version of Android. The integration, interaction and optimization make it truly one of the best.

3D Mushroom Live wallpaper
playstore 9

Wrapping up

With HD live wallpapers flooding the Playstore it is essential we knew the right ones to pick. This Blog covers the most practical HD wallpapers which are live and bring out some of its selling features.

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