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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations and I believe that it is a ‘BEACH’. A Beach is incredible and picture-perfect. As I step on the beach I feel like I own the place totally. Experiencing the sound of waves and the water splashing into my feet is the best feeling ever has a separate space in my heart. Beach is a great place to relax and spend some quality time. Do you wish to enjoy the soulful time every moment? Let’s dive into beach live wallpaper apps. This beach live wallpaper has special features that will take you to a different world, definitely. 

Our happiness depends on how we choose to look at the world, right? So it’s time to hunt the best beautiful beach live wallpaper apps.



  • Realistic ocean waves effects.
  • Easy to handle features.
  • Rated 4 in the play store.
ocean waves live wallpaper
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Everyone needs a friendship that is deeper than the OCEAN! So cultivate the root to form a friendship like the ocean. This beach live wallpaper is beautiful with a pale blue sky. How pleasant to watch the waves meddle with water, and it splashes the hermit point of the beach. 

This dynamic beach live wallpaper makes your phone imaginative. The ocean waves are active and real which creates a happy mood. An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease, likewise having this beach live wallpaper would make us happy and refreshed.



  • It has 3D and 4D touch effects.
  • It also works on the new version 2:1 mobiles.
white beach live wallpaper
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This Aerial beach live wallpaper is lively and colorful. The view of Aerial beach is arresting our eyes into the Caribbean blue beach waves. This top-angle aerial beach view gives a better feeling and puts in a mood of silence. Sand, rock, and the wave always have connections that interpose like a frolic.

You can personalize the 3D beach live wallpaper on your phone. This live wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive and will not drain your battery.



  • 50,000+ Downloads on a daily basis.
  • 4.4. And up requirements for android.
  • Shrinks the size of app MB (27Mb)
early bright beach live wallpaper
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Are you a morning person? Then for sure you I’ll live this sunrise beach live wallpaper. This super realistic live wallpaper would take you to your own world. This early bright day peeps to turn us positive. Having this 3D live wallpaper changes your presence bright and intense.

Zestful lively wallpaper is animated to your Android phones. It is support on all mobiles and even on 4K ultra HD screens. The animated video wallpaper has HD good quality.



  • 100,000 + installations.
  • Real smooth 3D Animations.
  • The sound effects added.
  • Animated beach landscape in HD quality.
paradise beach live wallpaper
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Wanted an isolated time for yourself? Let’s go chase the dazzling paradise beach live wallpaper apps. This live wallpaper has many features as you see the water quiver, different ships sail and leaves fall. On the whole, the live wallpaper is at its best. 

What I really liked about the paradise beach live wallpaper is it has totally different scenes, and I’ve locked out of heaven. This live wallpaper integration with the phone’s gyroscope without impacting the battery. 



  • 100,000 + installations.
  • Rated 12+ in the Play store.
  • 8HD background supported.
  • It has parallax effects.
  • Would not drain your battery.
Dawn princess beach live wallpaper
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How compromising the sunset is? It’s wonderful. Another day, another sunset. Do you see the magic in the sunset? Yes. Sitting on the rock and watching the sunset is blissful and the feeling is irresistible. This live wallpaper has the magic to take us to the real sunset spot.

You can tap your screen the ripples form beautifully. This free HD wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so it will not drain your battery. This sunset live wallpaper is a real dawn princess. 



  • Rated 12+ in the Play Store.
  • It has improved FPS(Frames Per Second)
  • Optimized for 18:9 device (special)
tropical beach live wallpaper
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Most of us dream about lying on a warm sand beach with a hammock, tropical wine glass in- hand at the shore. Getting into a real tropical beach is out of plan, instead we do have fun with tropical beach live wallpaper on your own screen. 

You can completely personalize the features and effects lay in the apps. Tropical beach live wallpaper will bring complete feel of vacation mode 


The integrated HD beach live wallpapers are within easy reach in the Google Play Store. The collections of HD live wallpaper made to tune your mood and presence of the beach. Celebrate the beach live wallpaper added on the home screen and will not drain your phone battery. 

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