Top 10 Nature Live Wallpaper App For Android

Most of us live in a concrete jungle. Nature is something very dear and near to our hearts. If we all had a chance, we would move into a nature-driven environment. Do you still want to relish the beauty of nature at your own comfort? The best solution is nature live wallpaper apps. These apps present you with insane captivating pictures of nature scenes, mountains, and much more. This will automatically have a reflection on your mind, body, and soul, and you will feel relaxed and refreshed. Escape the reality and dive into the world of nature and divine beauty that it brings.

Hop on to the happy wagon and find out which app offers you the best nature live wallpapers. 

  1. Nature Live Wallpaper

Look into the Nature Live Wallpaper app and you will be immediately overwhelmed with their fascinating HD images of valleys, mountains, flowers, forests, courtyard side, and a lot more. The wallpapers from the app will make you realize that heaven is a place on earth. You will be able to control the speed of the floating objects on the screen. Simple and elegant are words to describe the live wallpapers.

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Google Play

2. Spring Nature Live Wallpaper

Spring is the happiest of all seasons and also known as the season of new beginnings. Spring Nature Live Wallpaper app’s live wallpapers will be fresh and bloom on your home screen. The HD animated wallpapers are extremely gorgeous and bring comfort to your soul every time you look at your phone’s screen. In terms of features, the app is loaded with spring backgrounds, live water, rain effects, and mountain landscapes that will bring pure joy. 

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Google Play

3. Nature Live Wallpaper

There is something soothing and a calming sensation when you view the falling leaves. Nature Live Wallpaper by Wasabi is a great choice to decorate your home screen with dramatically falling leaves. The size of the leaves can be changed from small to big. The new water droplets effect can be created by tapping or touching the screen. Yet again, simple but mesmerizing view.  Download the application for free in the play store.

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4. SN Nature Live Wallpapers

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