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Sympan is the Greek word for Universe and Space.
Imagine the experience of exploring the unknown Space. Places that you could never go.
Imagine watching majestic nebulae , orbiting around an unexplored planet , and feel the majesty of our universe.
This Live Wallpaper , tries to transfer you to those places in Space, visualizing a full 3D scene with HD images.
This is the free version with full function able settings , but only 1 planet , 1 nebula , and 1 moon available.
In full version you can choose between 12 different nebulae , 12 different planets , and 9 different moons , and make a custom live 3D scene of your taste on Space.
Enable accelerometer , and experience a realistic 3D depth effect, full of sparkling stars, comets in their crazy race, in front of a majestic nebula.
A very realistic view in Space, inside your home screen and not only. This Live Wallpaper is also a DayDream of Space , for Jelly Bean devices.
Sympan HD Live Wallpaper ,is also battery friendly , as it consumes no power when device screen is off , or an other app is in front.


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