Super Fish Aquarium

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Super Fish Aquarium 7

The most super realistic fish aquarium live wallpaper for android phone!
Super Fish Aquarium is the most realistic live wallpaper simulating fish swimming by using the advanced android render script as well as opengl technology.
You can choose among the five beautiful aquarium background.
There are a total of 12 fish type in the current version.
Here is the necessary steps for “build and customize your unique fish aquarium”
From the setting screen, do following:
1) Select a aquarium background image
2) Configure each fish type
3) Add or remove fish you like
4) Enable or disable the sunshine function
5) Enable or disable how the bubble shows up
6) Add more grass to the aquarium if you like
Here Are The Key Features For This Super Fish Aquarium:
1: When fish swim in your unique aquarium, it has more random speed, direction, target position.
Therefore you feel like the super fish aquarium is a real aquarium.
2: Not only the fish can move forward, but also the gills and tail swing randomly like a real fish when it swims.
3: Fish can swim in a group way which you feels great.
4: Tap fish, the fish will run away quickly.
5: Double tap screen will feed the fish with different kinds of food style.
6: Grass is also oscillate in the aquarium to make your screen a fantastic unique.

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