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Storm Mountain 3D Free Wallpaper
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Storm Mountain 3D FREE

Fabulous storm at the Matterhorn Mountain in the Swiss Alps.

We transformed the Matterhorn mountain into a stunning 3D High Definition scene, with plenty of settings and effects that will give you realistic feeling of being into a mesmerizing mountain environment. The storm, scenic moon and everlasting snow of the Matterhorn mountain are creating a memorable scene, that you can have on your smartphone, today.


Storm Mountain 3D live wallpaper Free features:

☀ Choose from 6 different mesmerizing themes: Purple Galaxy, Dark Blue Galaxy, Sunset, Blue Sky, Fading Night, to a totally unique scene in Google Play:Polygonal theme (Full Version)
☀ You have 7 totally unique mountain themes to choose from (Full Version)
☀ Choose from 6 different types of Moon and Sun themes (Full Version)
☀ Change the type of the puffy clouds, a total of 6 (Full Version)
☀ 3D lightning strike on the mountain summit (only one strike)
☀ 3D global lightning on the scene (Full Version)
☀ Animated snow flakes, and snow blown from the mountain summit (Full Version)
☀ Animated flickering stars in the sky, Moon/Sun rays, lens flare, hot air balloon (Full Version)
☀ Vignette effect (Full Version)
☀ Choose from realistic style to polygonal style (Full Version)
☀ Fast and smooth real 3D animations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0)
☀ Super Low battery consumption
☀ All screen sizes support for Mobile Phones, Tablets and Smart TV’s with Android.
☀ Full HD resolution textures
☀ It’s 100% ad-free! And No unnecessary permissions required, including this Free version

How to set “Storm Mountain 3D live wallpaper”:
On the home screen of your phone → Menu → Wallpapers → Live Wallpapers→ Select “Storm Mountain 3D live wallpaper”

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