Storm Lightning Stunning Night

Storm Lightning Stunning Night
Storm Lightning Stunning Night 7

Really Full HD, Really 3D.
No any static pictures – truly 3D Animation in Full HD appearance.
Storm lightning stunning night.

Cаn you hear the sound of thunder?
Lightning in storm clouds.
Storm in the dark nigh…scared?
Huge lightning tear the sky apart.
Heavy rain clouds cover the dark night sky.
Really scaring but beautiful picture!
How incredibly powerful our nature is, how amazing and how powerless we are at the face of it and its notions. Stunning picture makes you really wordless.
How beautiful our nature is even at such moments!
The rain drops are so heavy, they make you wet through in a second.
The lightings go on and on, without stop.
But soon it will end and tomorrow the day will be clear and bright.
The same is in life; good times eventually change bad times.

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