Steampunk Gears Demo LWP

Steampunk Gears Demo Live Wallpaper: Cogs in a cracked wall with a steampunk tv.

This is the demo version of the pro version to allow you to try it out before buying the pro version.
If you like it and want more options please help support the development by getting the pro version.

Set in an old room with a stylish steampunk radiator and an old fan spins in the top corner.
The walls are cracked showing gears spinning behind the walls.
An unusual steampunk television on the wall has a green glow flowing around it as bolts of electricity sparks from the antennas.
The only thing that shows on this old tv is test patterns as lines scroll down the screen showing the age of the tv.
This demo version come with the howdy doddy test pattern.

This is not a movie!
In the Pro Version:
You have you choice in the following:

✔ Speed of gears
✔ Speed of fan
✔ Speed of green glow around tv
✔ Choose from 20 different test patterns
✔ Choose any color hue you want.

All artwork is hand crafted

If you have any issues please feel free to email me or leave a message on the support site.
Please let me know what issues, if any, you have and what phone you use and OS version so I can research it to find a solution.
Example: illegal null, or force close (or any error messages), phone samsung galaxy S1, OS: android 2.3
This will help me narrow things down better if there is any issues.
Thank you kindly.

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