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Space HD Free live wallpaper ★★★★★
Daily Phone Walls:”Epic art, great 3D live wallpaper”
Space HD Free live wallpaper brings you a unique and beautiful space experience, just moments before a black hole shreds and swallows everything in our solar system.
This is an artistic vision that shows the last sign of life floating around quietly before the end of time.
+ Swype to rotate camera
+ Smooth animations
+ Conserves battery life
+ Works great with phones and tablets
+Small in-app tutorial
+Double tap to access settings menu
+No extra permissions required
Space HD Free is optimized to save battery life, because it stops when the phone is in sleep mode or when you are not in Home Screen.
++Check out the full version for more exclusive features and control the space storm, cosmic dust, camera shake, black hole color,rocks, chains, trees, camera auto rotation ,speed and other FX.
•Setting method: Home screen->Menu->Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper
• scroll down to the bottom and find Space HD Free live wallpaper.
It’s a Live Wallpaper. It won’t appear in your app list. Go to the live wallpaper menu of your phone and you’ll find it there.
Double tap to access settings menu.
If you have any problem, please send us an email so we can help you!

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