Soaring Hearts Free

Let hearts and love rise up on your Android device! ‘Soaring Hearts’ is a new, colourful, fun live wallpaper by SuperDuperWallpapers!

Select from the many customisation options, and if you’ve just been heartbroken then you can even choose broken hearts… 🙂

* Choose between normal hearts or broken ones!
* Turn the heart shadows on/off.
* Option to make the hearts fade out as they rise up.
* Choose how dark the further away hearts get.
* Turn the background texture on/off.
* Graphics quality option for smoother textures!
* Frame rate chooser – A lower frame rate will save your battery!
* Auto adjusts for vertically or horizontally held devices!

* 17 colour schemes for the hearts!
* 15 background colour gradients to choose from!
* There are literally thousands of possible colour and visual option combinations to choose from!

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