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Smile Audio Lite Live Wallpaper
Smile Audio Lite 7

You’ll never stop laughing with Smile Audio LiveWallpaper LITE!!!
Smile Audio LiveWallpaper LITE!!! The AUDIO LiveWallpaper for your Android device!!! Tap the screen to ear your device laugh and a cloud of funny smiles spread around!!!
If you enjoy this LiveWallpaper please consider to buy Smile Audio LiveWallpaper with all the customizations enabled and NO ads! In the FULL version you will find more than 10 different smiles and laugh sounds!!
Ultra-optmized to save you battery life, less than 3% of battery to enjoy this wonderful LiveWallpaper.
Complete list of available settings for the FULL version:
+ Social Sharing
+ Change Wallpaper
– Number of Smiles
– Concurrent Smiles
– Rotate Smiles
– Rotation Speed
+ Activate Gravity
+ Vibrate on Tap
– Magic Tap (note 3)
+ Volume
– Date & Time
+ Force English
See the video for more info!!!!
How to use:
Home >> Menu >> Wallpapers >> LiveWallpapers
** NOTE (1): Please be sure your device supports LiveWallpapers.
** NOTE (2): This application supports ads in your status bar.
** NOTE (3): This option can be battery consuming.
If you experiment some “Force Quit” please try to remove the app and install it again. Thanks.

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