Sigi Swanchi Fractal Digiscope

A personal virtual experience. Watch the colors flow… and feel your mind grow.

A fun Fractal Mandelbrot exploration tool with new Live Wallpaper capabilities.

With a focus on simplicity this fractal exploration tool will open up the amazing world of the Mandelbrot to young and old,
mathematicians and philosophers, artists and adventurers.

On the left hand you can browse the explorations of others and enjoy the rich details, patterns & colors found and created by others.
However on the right hand you can delve into the depths yourself and find these amazing places yourself.

The goal of the Sigi Swanchi Mandelbrot Digiscope platform is not only to show you the beauty of the Mandelbrot, but also to explore and learn from it.
Please hang tight, and with each update I promise new and exciting features to guide you along an entertaining, educating and personal enriching experience
taking you where no wo/man has gone before.

Before you get started
Due to the nature of the Mandelbrot and it’s inexplicable nature some of the controls may be challenging to understand on your own.

There are 3 dimensions to exploration. Depth, position, and time.

– Controlling depth: You double click the view to zoom in. long press to zoom out. ( that is how you control depth )
– Controlling position: where on the screen you double click / or long press is selecting the position.
– Controlling time: Select “Time Controls” then “Time View” in the user interface. Using the up and down arrow will increase / decrease your time view. Increased time will allow you to see more details the deeper you go. It’s a vital element to your exploration, similar to focusing a lense on a camera.

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