Santa’s Flight

Santas Flight Live Wallpaper
Santa's Flight 7

Fly with Santa in his sleigh!
Santa’s flying really high in the magic Christmas sky.
Perfect gifts inside his sleigh never lost on their way.
Feel the spirit of the feast and create your new wish list!
Santa could fulfill your dreams with great pleasure as it seems.
Somewhere in the middle of the boundless snowy lands of the North Pole, there lives a kind and cheerful white-bearded old man. Children from all over the world write letters to him to get presents made specially for them in a large toy factory, and every Christmas he travels across the world in a sleigh to hand in the gifts.
People usually call him Santa Claus, or Santa. He is and will ever be our most beloved spirit of Christmas. Santa’s Flight live wallpaper now gives you an ultimate chance to accompany Santa during his flight over the sparkling polar snows.

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