Safari Free

This free version has limited functions. It doesn’t contain bloatware or adware. Thank you for trying it out.

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*Created from real 3D image scans of animals
*Vivid Colors
*HD graphics
*Open GL
*Home screen scrolling supported
*HDMI supported (HD Televisions)
*Landscape mode supported
*Many preference options
*Low file size

Let you android device come alive with this stunning portrayal of the safari. Beautifully rendered HD animals including, giraffes, elephants, and a zebra. Smooth animation of birds flying gracefully across the open blue sky as the sun shines down through moving clouds. And yes, rainbows are included. This is the perfect live wallpaper for spring. Add Safari to your live wallpaper collection and your device will stand out from the crowd.

Will make a great spring, summer, or nature theme and perfect for animal lovers. We hope you enjoy this creation

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