S4 Water Pool

S4 Water Pool Live Wallpaper
S4 Water Pool 7

Photo realistic water around the screen, all fully interactive!
Touch or swipe water surface to create beautiful ripples and waves! Pure Water brings the new life into your phone and tablet. Enjoy this beautiful live wallpaper!

Everything is 3D rendered in OpenGL 2.0, with fully interactive water that supports multi-touch. Both tablets and phones are fully supported in both portrait and landscape modes!
If you enjoy this, please support us by getting the full version! It has access to the settings screen, with controls for your fish population, background image, inverted image, beautiful leaf and more!
TO USE: home->menu->wallpapers

All is INTERACTIVE and real-time rendered (NOT A MOVIE)!
Immerse yourself into a real interaction with the incredibly realistic water! Get amazingly impressed every time you touch your phone or tablet!
Free version has limited settings, please read the details below!

✔ One fully functional scene with interactive water!
✔ No ads! (Pure Water is completely free of ads and spam!)
✔ No internet connection required (I respect your privacy!)

Screen-shots present the full version. If you LIKE Pure Water, please consider to support our work by getting the FULL VERSION with additional features. You can reward us for efforts put into this app creation – priceless:)

✔ Swipe your finger to create water ripples and waves!
✔ Touch the fish! Fish swim in schools, you can play with them! [IN FULL VERSION]
✔ Enjoy High Definition Graphics (no blur).
✔ Feel the illusion of photo realistic water surface!
✔ Taste the pure interaction thanks to artificial intelligence (ALL is fully interactive, there is NO any predefined animations or movies!).
✔ Choose from many scenes available! Blue Bay, Tropic, Mountain Stream, Amazon River, Venice, Northern Lights and more! [IN FULL VERSION]
✔ Make it your own thanks to powerful customization. Set custom image underwater, choose water, environment and fish settings.[IN FULL VERSION]
✔ Looks amazing on large displays, especially on tablets!

Pure Water uses battery ONLY when visible. If screen turns off, if you open any menu or application – Pure Water stops any activity immediately, just disables itself.

IMPORTANT. It’s a LIVE WALLPAPER. It won’t appear in your app list. Go to the live wallpaper menu of your phone and you’ll find it there.
This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Nexus 7, HTC Desire S and Sony Xperia S. Please contact us if your device is not supported.
Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.

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