Roygbiv Lite 3D Trippy LWP

Fractal live wallpaper, fully customizable to how you see fit.

*** Version 2.0 Update! ***

I have done a complete overhaul of this live wallpaper, and it’s back now better than ever. The majority of incompatible device issues should now be solved, and working faster than ever! Lots of new design possibilities are added, and is now taking advantage of full 3D capability. Please respond with any issues!

Watch as particles fractal and swirl towards the center of your screen. Customize shapes, colors, and speeds to your liking. Be sure to get Roygbiv Pro for more particle images and even more settings!

– Uses OpenGL for maximum graphic performance
– Optimized for minimal battery use
– Customize particle shape, color, and speed
– Touch screen with 3 fingers to open settings (can be disabled)

USAGE: Go to your Home-screen > Menu Button > Wallpapers > Live wallpapers > Roygbiv > Customize and press “Set Wallpaper” button.

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