Roman Bath 3D Trial Version

Roman Bath 3D Trial Version LiveWallpapers
Roman Bath 3D Trial Version 7

Please note that this is a 2 Hour, Time Limited Trial Version containing all of the features of the paid version. After the trial period expires, the app reverts to a “Trial Expired” screen and will no longer function.

Try with confidence! If any problems arise with your experience, please contact us for assistance at [email protected] so we can help to resolve any problems before adding a negative comment.

Roman Bath 3D, inspired by the ancient site in Bristol, UK, let’s you imagine what it may have been like to take part in a very important social component of ancient Roman life. The relaxation, tranquility, and the perceived therapeutic qualities that Romans sought during an otherwise harsh life were often found at these communal sites.
With a beautiful blue sky in the day, a sparkling starry sky at night, cool refreshing pool water, the warmth of fiery torches to the left and right of the water, and a playful flock of birds flying overhead, this live wallpaper promises a calm, tranquil environment for you to enjoy on your device.

This live wallpaper is rendered in real time 3D using the Unity engine and includes:
• Five Cameras to choose from:
Home Camera – smooth scrolling through home screens
Touring Camera – travels around the perimeter of the pool in your choice of 5 speeds
Underwater Camera – follows the swimmer from inside the pool
Swimmer View Camera – shows you the swimmer’s point of view from a head mounted camera
Tilt Camera – uses the device’s accelerometer to rotate the camera by tilting the device from side to side
• Day, Night and Automatic Modes – Make the scene always daytime, always nighttime, or allow the time to change automatically to daytime at 6 a.m. (0600) and then nighttime at 6 p.m. (1800)
• Choose to Show or Hide Birds, Daytime Torches, Pool Vapor, and the Swimmer
• Choose the Number of Birds from 1 to 100
• Wallpaper Quality adjustment to allow for performance control
• If needed, a Simpler Sun is included in order to enhance the frame rate

Nexus 7 (2012) owners, please take note: Due to a small bug in the Unity engine, you may need to set the wallpaper twice in order to properly in order to see the swimmer’s texture properly. The swimmer will initially look uniformly white or weirdly jumbled until the wallpaper is set a second time. The wallpaper will show an error message when being set for the second time, this is normal and the wallpaper should restart normally.

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