Renoir Live Wallpaper consists of his famous 30 paintings.

30 paintings are changed randomly at every 100 seconds or the user touches upward or downward.

Another Live wallpaper that includes more famous classic paintings of other popular painters will be continued.

Pierre-Auguste Renoir(1841-1919)

Rnoir is one of the most famous impressionist painters.
and associated with impressionism movement
along with his friends Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley,
and Frederic Bazille.

Renoir’s painting was always beautiful and optimistic!
So was his view of life and his painful condition.

“The Pain passes, but the beauty remains” was Renoir’s words.

Renoir’s famous , popular and well-known paintings are
The Bathers, The Umbrellas, Luncheon of the Boating Party
, etc…

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