Reflector 3D Trial

Pan around a 3D environment mapped model in a fantasy landscape panorama.

TO USE: Home->Press Menu->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

Please check out the donate/pay version! It is packed with additional graphics and animated 3d models (girl, apache helicopter, sport bike, butterfly, …)

This wallpaper works well on a lot of devices, in case of problems please tell me which device that you used 🙂

*The free demo version have reduced settings and only very basic 3D models compared to the donate/pay version.

*360 degree panorama panning
-Auto rotate

*Panorama pictures
-Rock water

*Static models
-Hide model

*Animated models
-Blue fish (Anim from pay version)

*Skin materials
-Default skin
-Rock water

*Individual rotation settings
Technical details:
*Uses OpenGL ES version 1.1 and above features to render simple material effects using opengl environment mapping.

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