Reactor Trial

Reactor Trial Live Wallpaper
Reactor Trial 7

This is the trial version for the Reactor Live Wallpaper. After 3 minutes of viewing the wallpaper most of the functionality will shut off (the timer doesn’t count up if you aren’t viewing the wallpaper). The wallpaper will still be active if you wish to continue using this trial.

It’s almost as if you’re looking through a window into the universe. Move your device around to view different perspectives of the reactor core. Choose from three unique backgrounds to fit your liking, including:

– Circuit Board
– Outer Space
– Physics Laboratory

Bonus features:
– Double tap background to change colors!
– Customize multiple characteristics of the reactor, including rotation speed, camera distance, and camera sensitivity.
– Each of the three backgrounds have their own customizations.

This app uses the Rotation Vector sensor on your device.

Note: It may take several tries to successfully apply the wallpaper. There seems to be some sort of internal memory issue with some devices. Once it is successfully applied, you will be all set.

Also, if your device has a protective case on it which has a magnet (for example: a tablet with a case and magnetically attached bluetooth keyboard), this application will not work as intended. Any nearby magnets will mess with the accuracy of the sensors inside of your device.

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