Quantum Cloud

Quantum Cloud Live Wallpaper
Quantum Cloud 7

This wallpaper started of as an experiment how it looks like if up to 10000 points, which are attracted to one other point, define the volume of a massive moving cloud.
The result is a beautiful and dynamic, almost living, object that can now occupy your wallpaper!
☆ 3D effect when tilting the device
☆ swipe to rotate the cloud
☆ customizable animation speed
☆ high performance & no battery drain *
☆ customizable background and foreground colors
☆ random color mode (fades colors over time)
☆ material design color palettes
☆ customizable cloud opacity and density
*while testing, the app did not even appear in the battery statistics
The wallpaper is automatically disabled when you are not on your homescreen or when the screen is locked.
When active, the wallpaper uses OpenGL for high performance graphics at minimal energy cost.

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