Purrapy Fluffy

Amazing and relaxing cat’s fur that feels like real. Live wallpaper included!

Enjoy this beautiful relaxation app and Live wallpaper with realistic cat’s fur right on your Android device that brings you an amazing feeling of touching a real cat. With support of MULTI-TOUCH Purrapy makes the experience even more fascinating.

Do you love listening to cats purring? Then start stroking your cat and hear it happily purring under your soft touches. Lots of people (as well as psychologists) find purring sound to be incredibly relaxing! Try using headphones for even greater relaxation.

Like different colors? Then choose another cat from the list. Give your cat a name to make it really your own! Tired of stroking? Set a Purr-Timer for non-stop purring. Having trouble of falling asleep? Just turn the timer on and your kitty will make sure you sleep like a baby.

Set Purrapy as your Live wallpaper and enjoy your favorite cat right from your home screen!



* 2 cats with unique fur color and voice
* Name your cat to really make it your own
* Live wallpaper with your favorite kitty
* Try other cats for limited time

FULL VERSION includes 6 different cats, purr-timer, and free lifetime upgrades.

There are also other sounds as well. Stroke your cat for purr, tap it for meow, or shake it for pshhh!

All cats are allergy-free!

Download now and enjoy your purrific experience! Meow!



We ask for just few permissions in order to make your Purrapy experience better.

* Hardware controls. Control Vibrator
—> A true cat should vibrate while purring. We’re trying to make our best out of your smartphone vibrator. You can always switch this off in the app settings section.

* Network Communication. Full Internet access.
—> We’d love to analyze your user experience in order to improve it in next updates. That is why we’re sending that kind of data to our wonderful statistics warehouses. We do not store or process any of your personal information.

* Network Communication. Google Play billing service, view network state.
—> Part of our app is unlcoked through in-app purchases made through Google Play. We harness this permission to process the payment correctly.

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