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Prismatic Dreams FREE Animated Live Wall paper
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“The place where abstract math, art, and inspiration collide. In this space, colors are vivid, visually ever shifting, and always mesmerizing.”

Prismatic Dreams is an abstract animated live wallpaper designed to give you the best, freshly made, HD abstract prism fractal content. The idea for Prismatic Dreams stems from my own passion for abstract art, and thats why this wall paper will provide you with FREE weekly content updates from me as well into the ongoing future. 🙂

Please search for the “Prismatic Dreams Pro” if you like this and want more trippy abstract content and options!

That being said, you can also customize how your abstract fractal art looks on your devices background.
Here’s what Prismatic Dreams Pro gives in terms of features, and options:
Visual Options:
– Color Shift Speed : Control how fast your colors/HUE animate. Higher speeds lend itself more to trippy effect, while slower speeds a more calming mesmerizing effect.
– Blending Mode : Control how your animation blends with your background. Options are “luminous” and “phantom” modes.
– Animation Speed : Control the speed of your animation, again, faster and trippy, or slower and mesmerizing.
– Background selector : Manually select your mesmerizing hd background
– Animation selector : Manually select your trippy animation
Content Options:
– Auto Mode : When checked, this option randomizes your abstract prism fractal live wall paper every 24 hours (at 5 am)
– Auto Content Updating Mode : Check for content manually, or check this to enable automatic content update – recomended! Depending on when you purchase this wallpaper, you may have a decent library to download, if you wish to download everything. USE WIFI WITH THIS OPTION!! Or incur the wrath of your data gods(checks every 24 hours, at 5 am)
– Delete older Content Limit : Automatically manages your downloaded abstract collection to only contain the latest content. If the slider is set to 10 for instance, only the 10 latest backgrounds, and animations will be kept. If set to 0, nothing will ever be deleted.
If your device has limited storage, this is perfect for managing your collection and keeping it small, while seeing the newest content each week!

Additional Features / Notes:
– Fresh, FREE weekly abstract fractal art content and animations uploaded to a web server, that you can download content from within the settings menu
– Color shift quickens during swype. (Feature not compatible with galaxy s3, and s4, with some launchers)
– “Check for new content” button for manual updates
– “Clear” button for deleting all manually downloaded content

If you dig this wall paper, please check out the PRO version! I put a lot of time into the art that goes into this, and if you like it, and want more customization options and other art work, you’ll love the pro version!

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