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Something electric for the Nikola Tesla in all of us!

This mesmerizing live wallpaper features colorful plasma lines that gently dance around a beautiful reflective glass globe. Put the power of lightning at your fingertips and watch as the plasma follows your every touch! Our plasma ball crackles to life with real-time OpenGL 3D graphics that are never the same twice. It is not a movie or a slide show! Plus, it works as a Daydream on 4.2+ devices!

This free version features a stunning space-themed background and reacts with up to two simultaneous touches.

The full version allows full ten-point multitouch, and features an extensive settings screen. You can customize the plasma color, how many lines there are, and how they responds (or not) to your touch. Choose from several beautiful backgrounds, or create your own, all reflected in real-time by the globe. Want to change the size of the globe, or how fast the camera moves around it? You’ll be able to do that, too!

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