Pixelation LiveWallpapers
Pixelation 7

Pixelation is a live wallpaper that displays an animated scrolling grid of large multicolored pixels. Many options are included to help personalize and make the wallpaper unique. Customize colors, sizes, speeds, directions, and much more.

• Themes: Nice looking preset pixel colors available to chose from. Users can also save their own themes.
• Colors: Customize the foreground and background pixel colors with colors of your choice.
• Advanced Settings: Further customization. 20+ more options to tweak and customize.
• Animated: Pixels are animated and scroll across the screen and swap colors.
• Interactive: Each pixel reacts to touch input and scrolls with a parallax effect on your home screen. Pixels can also change colors in response to touch input.
•3D Parallax: Tilt your device and watch the pixels react as if you were looking through the device.

Note: Some of the above features require an in app upgrade to use.
To use this live wallpaper:
Long press on Homescreen -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers and select it from the list.

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