Pixel Rain

Customizable pixel-styled rain with splash effects!

Pixel-styled rain drops fall on your home screen and make splash effects as they collide with the ground.

Pixel Rain is now very customizable:
-Multi-color rain drops
-Number of active rain drops
-Size of rain drops(now includes random sizes)
-Falling speed of rain drops
-Length of rain trails
-Optional glow
-Optional shatter
-Optional alignment
-Background color
-Shatter on touch

With touch features enabled you can shatter rain drops by touching them. Use the preview screen and the collision circle to setup your preferred touch radius.

To set as Live Wallpaper:
After installing, long press or press the menu button on the home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers -> Pixel Rain

From this preview screen you can change your settings before setting Pixel Rain as your live wallpaper.

Please feel free to inform the developer of any bugs or request new features.

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