Pixel Art Free

Pixel Art Free Live Wallpaper
Pixel Art Free 7

Cool, Highly costumized, interactive and light weight pixel art live wallpaper.
A stunning live wallpaper which displays some interactive grid of pixels. This grid of pixels will randomly form into some images. As the default theme, It works as notification and will display time, battery level, missed call and incoming messages. This pixel art live wallpaper also came with three theme pack: Abstract theme, Nature Theme and Christmas theme which you can active or deactive.
This live wallpaper also detect swipe and touch action for more interactivity.
※ Pixel Shape:
—-※ circle
—-※ square
—-※ triangle
—-★ hexagon [full version]
—-★ rectangle [full version]
—-★ cross [full version]
—-★ star [full version]
—-Will add more shapes in the future updates—-
※ Background color
※ Pixel color
※ Enable / Disable anti aliasing for better rendering quality
※ Pixel art duration and interval setting
※ Time format
※ Abstract Theme Pack (Various abstract art)
★ Nature Theme Pack (sun, moon, tree, cloud, water, star, rainbow, fire, earth, leaf) [full version]
★ Christmas theme pack (christmas tree, snowflake, snowman, bell, candy cane, gift) [full version]
★ On swipe clear screen[full version]
★ Swipe pixel action ( do nothing, throwing pixel, shrinking pixel, paint pixel)[full version]
★ Throwing out speed [full version]
★ Move back speed [full version]
★ Throwing range [full version]
※ Enable/Disable SMS notification art
※ Enable/Disable Show unread messages count
※ Enable/Disable missed call notification art
※ Enable/Disable Show missed call count

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