Perfect Christmas Live Wallpaper

Perfect christmas live wallpaper
Perfect Christmas Live Wallpaper 7

Enjoy the artistic feel of the Christmas eve or a New Year holiday!

That is a perfect live wallpaper for your device in this Winter Holiday Season!

We have bunch of customisations to the default look to satisfy your ambitions.

See the Christmas lights dance for you in an exciting snowy time of the day!

You can customise the following:

  • various pieces of animations (trees, lights, gifts, actors)
  • show/hide only things you like/dislike
  • choose time of the day (morning, moon, starry night)
  • young boy rolling the GIANT snowball is now under your control
  • the snowman who rides a snowboard by some funny accident does also obey your input

Tip: sing your favourite christmas verse out loud to feel even better when enjoying our product (just be careful of people in white lab coats -)

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