Peper Kitten

Peper Kitten LiveWallpapers
Peper Kitten 7

Peper Kitten live wallaper! Discover your own interactive kitten on your device screen! Unlock Interactive or Customization Pack to play with him, pet and customize your Peper Kitten! Now with in-app purchase to save up on content you really want!
Even more alive and packed with tons of features.
-Pet and tap him for various reactions! ( Shake! 3.0, Lick the Screen! and more )
-Enjoy life-like emotions!
-Customize backgrounds and docks.
-Lots of items to choose from.
-Day & Night sleep time!
-Fast and smooth run ( based on OpenGL ).
-Tablet support.
-Sound FX!

*Feel free to contact as for any possibe questions and technical support.

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