Oozing Stained Glass Free

Oozing Stained Glass Free
Oozing Stained Glass Free 7

-Liquid Stained Glass Free Live wallpaper-
“Strange, undulating, kaleidoscopic patterns of light and color ooze up and down behind stained glass.”
Liquid Stained Glass is a live wallpaper designed to deliver trippy visuals to your device’s background. Not only that, with 3 customizable color layers and a number of settings in each layer you can choose to set this up how ever you want. There is a LOT of flexibility here. Just want a single layer visible? No problem. all three moving at the speed of light? Your call. (These options are visible, but not accessible in the free version. )
This wallpaper is about giving you the control of as many options as possible as well as having the option of randomizing all settings at a tap of a button to get the most psychedelic or calming look you want.
– 250 various trippy combinations total! ( 7 in free version)
– Even more variation with other options! (most options are locked in free version)
– 3 independently customizable layers! (most options are locked in free version)
– Randomize all settings button for changing things up and giving you some fresh ideas to play with! (pro only)
– Infinite swype in either direction on devices that support it!
– Optimized for tablet and HD
Features per layer:
– Pattern Picker (Free and Pro)
– Layer Blending mode (Pro only)
– Transparency (you can make your layer 100% invisible if you want) (Free and pro)
– Ooze speed (moving the slider left or right of middle will give you upwards, or downwards motion) (Pro only)
– Color Tint! Choose a color to tint your pattern or use a darker color to darken things a bit! (Pro only)
– Displacement Factor (choose how much your pattern distorts as it moves up or down the screen!) (Pro only)
– Please give the free version a try before committing to buying so you know it works with your device.
If you like this wallpaper, please leave a comment us dev’s always appreciate that.

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