Old Windmill

Old Windmill Live Wallpaper
Old Windmill 7

The purpose of this live background is to bring back on your memory the days when the beauty of nature was combined with the elegance of oil free mechanics – the time of the windmills. These beautiful windmills will start to hypnotize you with their soft and gentle movement. Start experimenting it on your screen and don’t forget to write a comment of what you think about. We are sure that you will love it.
You will be able to change:
– The rotation speed of helics
– The number of leaves blowing in the wind
– The frame rate
But what is a windmill?
A windmill is a machine that converts the energy of wind into rotational energy by means of vanes called sails or blades. The reason for the name “windmill” is that the devices originally were developed for milling grain for food production; the name stuck when in the course of history, windmill machinery was adapted to supply power for many industrial and agricultural needs other than milling. The majority of modern windmills take the form of wind turbines used to generate electricity, or wind pumps used to pump water, either for land drainage or to extract groundwater.

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