Nexus Triangles

Nexus Triangles
Nexus Triangles 7

A live wallpaper that aims to resemble one of the default Android 4.2 Jelly Bean default wallpapers. It is highly configurable with custom color themes, sizes, and other settings. It is dynamically generated every time you turn on your device, just to keep thing fresh, all while still obeying your personal theme settings! This wallpaper also has fun transition animations and background animations, and you can change their speeds. Now you can also monitor your battery life, using the battery indicator settings. The wallpaper will fade the colors of your choice to show you how much power is left on your device. Nexus Triangles is optimized for battery life and performance, so you can use it all day without sacrificing your phone’s usability! Too many great options? You can also save and load profiles, so you never have to settle for just one configuration! See the video for a closer look!
This is the free version; some settings and features will be unavailable unless the full version is purchased (Link is available in settings).

-> NEW! Battery Indicator*
-> NEW! Save & Load profiles!*
-> Edit Animation speed!*
-> “Play” theme*
-> Color presets!*
-> Customize triangle size
-> Customize colors and style
-> Customize animation settings*
-> Now with Color Themes*
-> Runs fast & easy on your battery
-> Receive all the updates and new features!*

*full version

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