My Little Wonderland LWP

My Little Wonderland LWP
My Little Wonderland LWP 7

Here’s the second installment of our first of its kind interactive and discoverable Live Wallpaper!

NEW My Little Wonderland! Tap to Discover a host of surprises right from the Home Screen of your Android phone! You must try it!

* Check these out! Even MORE Surprises! *
– Time Syn with real time
– Tap to orchestrate your very own FUN Animal Circus Parade!
– Watch out when night comes! Beware the UFOs!
– Careful! The Lightning! Could you control when the lightning strikes?
– Start a symphony of fireworks!
– PLUS the Ferris Wheel, Space Flyer, Hot Air Balloon, its all there and more!

Make sure to find and trigger ALL the FUN animations in this NEW interactive and discoverable My Little Wonderland Live Wallpaper! Look at the preview pictures and video on Google Play for hints. Can you find them all?

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