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Most Popular Launchers for Android

Are you tired of your boring default launcher for your Android device? You may think you’re stuck with it but in fact, there are tons of different launchers you can download to really personalize your Android experience.

These launchers feature high-quality graphics, more customization options, different scrolling animations, and more. We have compiled a list of the best launchers for Android that if you download will really make your Android usage top notch.


GO Launcher EX

The GO Launcher EX has been voted as the best launcher from users and for good reason. Right off the bat you get over 10,000 themes with GO Launcher EX. On top of that it is super fast and provides smooth operation thanks to the 3D core it utilizes.

With the free version, you get that smooth flipping animations between screens, all the themes, lots of fancy animation effects, detailed widgets like clocks, and more. You can launch apps through gestures and with the pro version you can use multi-touch to access core functions. Based on sheer content alone GO Launcher EX is one of the best. Google Play


Apex Launcher

If you want a launcher that focuses almost completely on customization so you can make your Android device exactly how you want then the Apex Launcher is the one for you. Features include a scrollable dock on all nine home screens, different scrolling options, gestures, transition effects and more.

Pretty much every aspect of Apex Launcher is customizable. You can customize icons, folders, drawer styles, scroll styles, backgrounds, etc. If you want to go pro with Apex Launcher you get better gestures and enhanced options for every aspect. The Apex Launcher really gives you full control over Android. Google Play


Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a great Android launcher that has all the functionality you could want. It changes scroll effects to some interesting ones such as cube and cardstack as well as giving infinite scrolling.

Lots of features in the Nova Launcher are customizable such as color themes, icon themes, the app drawer, folders, and more. Nova Launcher allows for bulk adding apps to the homepage and can easily backup itself. Check out Nova Launcher for a very nice Android launcher.Google Play



LauncherPro is a nice Android launcher that really gives some pzazz to your device. It does feature nice smooth scrolling, improved app drawers, etc. but also has a slew of cool functionalities for everything.

There are new animated screen previews like you’d see in the HTC Sense or Expose, 2D and 3D app drawer with fly-in animations, scrollable dock, and more. LauncherPro also has a lot of customization options if you want to specifically design everything how you want it. Google Play

Buzz Launcher

Buzz Launcher

Most of the launchers on this list are mostly very similar and offer the same things. In Buzz Launcher’s case they go a completely different route. For starters there are over 300,000 home screens available in Buzz Launcher which have lots of interesting looks to them.

It even gives you the ability to create one of your own and upload it for others. Some key features include multiple wallpaper screens, complete control over icons (size, image, etc.), a multi-grid system, gestures, and complete control over the app drawer and such.

The Buzz Launcher comes with interesting and unique widgets as well including their own “design your own widget” widget. Buzz Launcher is one of the more all-in-one launchers that is well worth looking into. Google Play

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher

So you have an Android device with its default launcher, what about upgrading it to another Google based launcher if you don’t “trust” anyone else. If so then check out Google Now Launcher which brings Google Now right to your home screen. This makes it super easy to get to Google Now and swipe through your cards finding exactly what you want (or didn’t know you wanted).

Google voice command is directly built-in so you can control searching and Google Now through that. Google searching is also super fast and easy to launch. In fact, access to any Google product is super convenient. Google knows their stuff and the Google Now Launcher is a great launcher made by the biggest boy of them all. Google Play

Which one do you prefer, if any?

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