moovebo Live Wallpaper
moovebo 7

Shifting triangles of color that bring your screen alive

A free live wallpaper that gives you a unique design with each movement. It is simple, engaging and attractive.

The moovebo live wallpaper keeps android devices artistic, alive and different. Every movement is new and random, keeping your wallpaper fresh. This funky live app makes triangles of color move to reveal new patterns and new colours.

The moovebo live wallpaper mooves the way you do. It’s fully customisable. You can choose a speed, a color scheme and a style that suits you. From being subtle and chilled to loud, excited and bouncy moovebo reflects you.

Compatible with all android devices the moovebo live wallpaper is easy to set up, looks great and is always different. And if there is something moovebo doesn’t do that you’d like it to let us know and we’ll see if we can include it in the next update.

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