Mesmerizing Wavy Ocean 3D

Mesmerizing Wavy Ocean 3D Live Wallpaper
Mesmerizing Wavy Ocean 3D 7

Really Full HD, Really 3D.
No any static pictures – truly 3D Animation in Full HD appearance.

Beautiful mesmerizing wavy ocean.
Wonderful, endless, powerful ocean… many words can be said to describe this water giant.
The time lapse of the ocean casting its huge waves on the beach is really mesmerizing.
The power can be felt all inside you and one feel really powerless in front of this nature object.
The waves are rushing on the shore and there is a feeling that a goddess of beauty Aphrodite will be born now again as many centuries ago before us. It is so vivid this emotion!
The ocean, the waves give you so much energy, forces and inner strength.
It charges you to the full extent with positive life energy.

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