Mass Effect 3

NVIDIA and BioWare teamed up to bring you this Tegra-exclusive live wallpaper.

Are you excited to take Earth back in Mass Effect 3? NVIDIA and BioWare have teamed up to bring you the best Mass Effect 3 experience on PC. In anticipation of playing the game themselves, NVIDIA designers developed this Tegra-exclusive live wallpaper and made it available on Google Play.

Mass Effect 3 is like a Hollywood blockbuster where you get to be the lead actor and director in the beginning, middle, and end of an all-out war to take Earth back. How you wage this war is entirely up to you. Mass Effect 3 delivers ground breaking interactive storytelling, adrenaline pumping gameplay, and integrated co-op multiplayer. Mass Effect 3, in stores now.

Experience everything. Sacrifice nothing. Gear up with GeForce GTX.

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