Magic Touch AI Bugs

Magic Touch AI Bugs Wallpaper
Magic Touch AI Bugs 7

A unique Magic Touch Live Wallpaper that is built with Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core!!! Simple and Fun to Play with!!!

Watch colorful bugs as they wander around electronic components laid out in several imaginative ways, carefully planning their path using artificial intelligence (AI) to avoid the obstacles. Use your Magic Touch on a component, and watch the bugs as they all turn and move towards it to attack it. Watch them as they position themselves around the target, aim, and attack! Every successful hit results in a special visual effect for each electronic component!

Magic Touch electronic components in a sequence, and see how the bugs change their path continuously using artificial intelligence (AI), in order to attack the last target. A good way to create a horde… Experiment with your Magic Touch on different layouts and see how the bugs behave!

You can select:
Electronic Components:
– 5 layouts
– 5 color themes
– 5 color combinations
– 1 to 10 active
Graphics Quality Level:
– get the best performance for you device.

Tested and performs well on devices running Android versions 2.2 to 4.2.2.

We welcome your comments and feature requests.

1. To set: Home => Menu => Wallpapers => Live Wallpapers.
2. Scroll down and find “Bugz Free”, select it and click “Set”. It may take about 10 seconds to load.
3. To customize settings: Double-Tap on the Home screen to open the Settings menu.
4. In the Settings menu make you selections, and then, click on either the Back or Home button.

– Android Live Wallpapers must be installed in the internal memory, in order to operate properly. If they are moved to SD card, they will reset to default whenever the device is restarted, or connected to PC with USB cable. For this reason our Free Live Wallpaper is set to install in internal memory by default.
– We have included the Double-Tap feature (step 3 of the instructions) for quickly and easily changing the Settings without it restarting.

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