Magic Distortion

Magic Distortion Live Wallpaper
Magic Distortion 7

Dynamic Kaleidoscope, based on a distortion of space.
Distortion generator changes the shape of picture over time.
Each generator creates a own unique tracery.
In total, the program contains a 24 distortion generator and 11 preset pictures.
For some generators are provided sign of complicated behavior in which the movement is not repeated during a long time.

In the mode of manual settings:
Select distortion generator and image from presets.
If you want to use custom picture you must enable “Use custom image” and click on “Select custom image”. Select your own picture from gallery or folder.
If the custom image is successful selected, it will replace the picture from the preset list.
The settings, such as “Select image from presets”, “Use custom image”, “Select custom image”, “Complicated behavior” and “Speed” will be saved independently for each generator.

In the mode of random settings:
if sign of “Random generator” is enabled, generator will selected randomly with the own individual settings.
if sign of “Random images” is enabled, you must select the source of random images – from presets or from folder.

A random selection of images from a folder allows you to create your own collection of images.

To produce beautiful patterns, use images containing several large contrast detail.

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