Lonely Tree Demo

Lonely Tree LiveWallpaper Demo
Lonely Tree Demo 7

This demo version is intended to be used to decide if you would like to purchase the paid version. It is fully-functional with all features unlocked, the only difference from the paid version is that a “Demo Version” reminder text appears every two minutes.

“Lonely Tree” is an Android live wallpaper designed with the Nexus 10 in mind, with high-resolution textures and a tablet-friendly holo-themed settings panel. It looks and feels beautiful on standard sized phones as well.
The winter nature scene reacts dynamically to the wind speed ranged selected in the settings, with the tree gently swaying in the wind, the bushes fluttering, and the snowflakes becoming faster and more streaky.
Almost everything is customizable including the strength of the wind, the amount of snow, and the size and position of the tree.

Long Press On Deskptop => Wallpapers => Live Wallpapers

Features I hope to add soon:
-Make the “Demo Version” texture nicer
-Scrolling with home-screen
-Christmas Lights
-More complex cloud layers
-Making it a “Daydream”
-Snowflakes in the snowdrifts
-A texture for the tree
-FPS linked to battery %
Features I want to add sometime in the future:
-Secondary trees in background
-Brightness/Contrast settings
-More natural tree branch movements (independent of each other)
-Wind gusts
-Optional fence in front of the tree
-Birds (or other animals) flying in the background
-Day/Night cycles
-Different weather types (sun, fog, etc…)

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